Module migration - restore module

Video guide for module restore



This guide will show you how to restore the past year module activities to the existing module page.


What to know:

Module migration consists of two straightforward steps:

  1. Module Backup (A copy step from the archive system.)
  2. Module Restore   (A paste step to AY23-24 Core system for you to utilize past year contents.)

You must complete the backup step beforehand to start this restore practice.

*Before starting the practice, please

1. Make sure you've logged out from the archive system and then log into the current year Core page.  )

2. Locate your new module page for S2 AY23/24. (You could search the module from "All modules" tab by typing the course name/ module code).

Please also be aware that only module leader has the permission to restore the course content. If you are responsible for this course but do not have permission to restore content, please contact your departmental professional staff to get you enrolled as "module leader".

  • Due to the Core system archive in the summer
    • Implement restore before 25th Aug, 2024 , please find the AY24-25 course page  ;
    • Implement restore after 25th Aug, 2024 , please find the AY24-25 course page  ;



Step 1: Go to the S2  module page to restore contents 

Select "Course reuse" under the dropdown list of "More".  


Step 2: Choose "Restore" 

Click "Import" on the left hand side then choose "Restore" in the dropdown list.


Step 3: Upload a backup file

You could either choose a file from your computer or drag and drop the file to the blank space. Click "Restore". It may take some time for uploading the file, please wait until the "Restore" button is clickable.


Step 4:  Confirm the backup details

Confirm the backup details then scroll down to the end of the page, click "continue"

Step 5: Select the Destination "Restore into this course"

There are several options, please make sure you restore the content into this course (the current module you teach). Click "Continue".


Step 6: View the Settings and Schema

For this step, you will view all the restore settings. Please leave everything by default and click "Next" at the end of the page.

Then you will see the Schema of course settings. (The list is too long to display here, you could simply scroll down to the end and click "Next".)

Step 7: Review and "Perform restore"

A final step for you to review: scroll down to the end and click "Perform restore".



Step 8:  Process and Complete

This is to inform you the end of the restore practice.