Quiz - Download all essay submissions

An example of "Download essay submission" function


This guide will show you how to download essay submissions is you used Essay question type for a test.



Step 1:  Access the Quiz activity 

In your module area/course, click the link of the Quiz activity.



Step 2:  Find the "Download essay submission" button
  1. Open the "Results" tab.
  2. Click the "Grades" dropdown menu.
  3. Click the "Download essay submission" option.



Step 3:   Download essay submission (attachments only)

Download the essay submissions by click "Download essay submissions" link. Please note only attachments will be downloaded.  


Step 4:   Download essay submission (contents in the textbox)

If you would like to download all the contents that are submitted in the textbox, click on "archive" and then rightclick print the webpage as PDF in your browser.


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