Quiz - Shuffle questions


This guide will show you how to shuffle questions in the Quiz activity.


What to know:

The shuffle function will put questions in that section into a random order . This can make it harder for students to share answers, but it also makes it harder for students to discuss a particular question with the teacher. Shuffling is recommended to be enabled in high-stakes summative assessments. 


The shuffling questions function is different from the "Shuffle" within questions function in the Quiz activity general setting. Please refer to Quiz settings  to learn about the shuffling within questions setting.




Step 1:  Access the Quiz activity

In your module area/course, click the link of the Quiz activity.



Step 2:   Edit quiz
  1. Click the settings/"gears" icon displayed near the upper right of the Quiz activity’s main page.
  2. Click the ’Edit quiz’ link.



Step 3:   Tick "Shuffle"

Tick "Shuffle" that is located at the top of the page. 




Step 4:  Shuffle part of the questions in Quiz activity

Learning Mall allows teachers to shuffle part of the questions in Quiz activity. Generally, you need to first add a section, and then choose to shuffle or not shuffle questions in this section.

 To add a section, please click the 'Add' button at the right of a page, after you do Step 2 above.




Step 5:  Shuffle the questions in a section

Then it appears a new section with a new heading, as highlighted in the screen shot below.

You can tick or untick the box to shuffle the questions in this section.



Step 6:  Shuffle the questions in a particular section

In this way, the questions are divided into two sections. You can choose to shuffle or un-shuffle questions in a particular section.



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