Update Wrong Score for the Questions after the Quiz exam

An example of updating questions



This guide will show you how to bulk update students' grades after the quiz is closed, especially when it is caused by the wrong question.


What to know:

It can only be used to bulk recalculate the students' grades if you have a coincidence of wrong questions, such as in the following situations:

  1. The correct answer to the question was set to the wrong option (Set grade none to the wrong option, grade 100% to the correct one)
  2. There is more than one correct answer to the question (Set grade 100% to the correct options)
  3. One of the questions is wrong, and you want to give a full mark to all (Set grade 100% to all options)



Step 1:  Go to the Quiz

Click the quiz you want to change.


Step 2:  Find the questions
  1. Click the "Questions" tab on the menu.
  2. Find the question you want to make a change, click the "Edit" icon:



Step 3:  Edit the question grade

Edit the grade for each choice as you want.

Important: You can't change between "Multiple Choice" and "One answer only". That will cause errors.

Click to save the change.

Step 4:  Click "Regrade All"

1. Go to the "Results" tab.

2. Click the "Regrade all" button which is above the attempts table:

Now you can see the students' grade is changed: