Quiz - Response report

An example of the response report



This guide will show you how to locate, filter, and download response reports within the Quiz activity. 



Step 1:  Access the Quiz activity

In your module area/course, click the link of the Quiz activity.



Step 2:  Locate the "Responses" link
  1. Click the “Results” tab on the menu
  2. Click the ’’ Responses" in the dropdown list



Step 3:   The response report

You will see the response report like the example below:

You will be able to see how the student did in the whole attempt or in different questions by clicking on the links in blue. 


Step 4:  Filter the report

You can choose what to include in the report and the display options by changing the settings, and then click "show report". 



You can locate a particular student's response by selecting the initial letter or his/her First name and/or Surname. 


Step 5:  Download the report

You can download the report in different formats by selecting the formats and click "Download"/