Quiz - Manual grading by student

An example of the "Manual grading by student" function



This guide will show you how to manually grade essay submissions by student within the Quiz activity and directly type comments and marks. 




Step 1:  Access the Quiz activity 

In your module area/course, click the link of the Quiz activity.



Step 2:   Locate "Manual grading by student"
  1. Click the “Results” tab on the course-level menu
  2. Click the ’Manual grading by student’ in the dropdown menu


Step 3:  Choose a group and click to show all questions (if needed) 
  1. Choose the group that you intend to grade (if you pre-set the Group mode as " Separate groups ")
  2. Click to show those auto-graded questions to override some comments.


Step 4:  Click the blue links to go to the grading interface 


Step 5:  Put in your comments and marks

Put in your comments (optional) and marks, then click "Save and go to the list of attempts".