Download selected submissions

An example of downloading selected student submissions



This guide will show you how to download a selected submission within the Assignment activity. 

What to know:

The downloading of submissions within a group will provide the user with the flexibility to filter out submissions by specific groups within their module, if they have groups setup and applied within  


Step 1: The Assignment activity 

Go to your Assignment activity on your module page


Step 2: View submissions

Click on the ’View all submissions’ button


Step 3:  The submission page

You will see the submissions that have been submitted by the students.

Step 4: Selecting a specific submission

You can select a specific submission by simple clicking on the ’select’ tick box next to the students name.


Step 5: Downloading the submission

Now go down to the ’With selected’ drop-down menu click on the ’Download selected submissions’ and then click ’Go’ you will now download the submission.