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This guide shows you how to grade submissions within the Assignment activity on the Learning Mall Core 


What to know:

The ability to grade submissions within the Assignment activity environment provide the user with greater flexibility and choice when grading student submissions, including giving assignment grades, feedback, feedback files, etc.

Please be noted that by default, your grades and feedback in the assignment will be released to your students immediately after you save the information. If you don't want to release the grades and feedback immediately, please check the user guide about  How to hide grades  , How to use the marking workflow  or How to hide grader identity .


Step 1: Assignment activity 

Go to your Assignment activity on your module page


Step 2:  View submission 

Click on the 'View all submissions' button


Step 3:  The submission page 

Here, you can see the list of students in the assignment and their submissions. Please find a assignment you want to see and grade. For example, you want to grade the assignment of example student Please click the 'Grade' button in the 'Grade' column.



Step 4:  Providing feedback

1. You can grade the specific submission by placing the mark in the 'grade out of 100'.

2. You can give feedback in the 'feedback comments'.

3. You can also upload a feedback file for the assignment.



Step 5: Saving changes 

Final, please remember to click 'save changes' or 'Save and show next' to save your grade and feedbacks.

Otherwise, you will LOSE YOUR WORK when you come to other pages.



Step 6: Viewing grade and feedback information 

After the grade, you can see your grade of the assignment in this page. Also, if you scroll right the page (as shown with a arrow), you can see all of the grade information of the assignments.


If you scroll to the right of the screen you will find further information regarding the grade and feedback ex: feedback, feedback files and final grade.



Next steps:
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