Module migration - backup module

Video guide for module backup



This guide will show you how to back up the module content during module migration.


What to know:

Module migration consists of two straightforward steps:

  1. Module Backup (A copy step from the archive system.)
  2. Module Restore (A paste step to AY23-24 Core system for you to utilize past year contents.)

This guide shows you the procedures of module backup.

  • Only the Module Leader role can perform the backup and restore action.
  • Question bank and Content bank are not backed up through this process. You may download and import them individually. (Download and import guides)



Step 1: Open the Archive System and log in

Address of the Archive Systems:
You can also find the link on the Dashboard of the current Core system.



Step 2: Choose ‘Backup’
  1. Open the course you want to back up.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose 'Backup'.



Step 3: Adjust the Backup settings

Adjust the Backup settings and click ‘Next’.


Step 4: Choose the resources that you want to backup

Module handbook and other important resources’,  ‘Announcements’,  ‘General question and answer forum’ and ‘BigBlueButton virtual classroom’ are the default activities and already established in your modules in the LM Core system. You don't need to backup and restore the default activities.


  1. Untick ‘Module handbook and other important resources’, ‘Announcements’, 'Attendance', ‘General question and answer forum’ and ‘BigBlueButton virtual classroom’.
  2. Untick the activities and files you don’t want to backup and click ‘Next’

Step 5: Scroll the page down and click Perform backup

Step 6: Click ‘Continue’

The following warning message can be ignored.

Step 7: Download the backup file

The module restore will take place within LM Core system, which is distinct from the current archive system. For a seamless restoration, it is crucial to download the backup file of the course onto your local device. Please do NOT use the restore button here.