Self-enrollment into a module



This guide will show you how to set up the module page so that users can be enrolled into modules themselves by an enrollment key.


What to know:

In response to many requests from ICE users regarding students being able to audit module areas, ICE now can support student self-enrollment where the module teacher chooses to provide a key to such students. It allows users to enrol themselves through typing in  an enrollment key of  the  module. 



Step 1:  Open the 'Participants' tab
  1. Access to the course page.
  2. As the below screenshot shows, click "Participants" on the course-level menu.


Step 2:  Open 'Self enrolment'
  1. Click "Enrolled Users" and click the "Enrolment methods" link.
  2. On the new page, click "Choose" and then click "Self enrolment"

Step 3:  Copy the  enrollment  key of the Self-enrollment method
  1. On the "Self enrolment" setting, you can input a "Custom instance name".
  2. Click on the eye icon beside the "Enrolment key" option and input a key.
  3. Copy the revealed key and share it with the external users. Make sure the "Default assigned role" is Guest.
  4. Then, click "Add method" to finish.


Step 4:  Change self-enrollment key

If you want to change the key/password of self-enrollment, you can click the pencil icon and change the key there.