Self-enrollment into a module

 Self-enrollment Video Guide



This guide will show you how to set up the module page so that users can be enrolled into modules themselves by an enrollment key.


What to know:

In response to many requests from ICE users regarding students being able to audit module areas, ICE now can support student self-enrollment where the module teacher chooses to provide a key to such students. It allows users to enrol themselves through typing in an enrollment key of the module. 



Step 1:  Click the 'Edit' icon of the module page
  1. Click the 'Edit' icon on the top right of the module page.
  2. Click the last option 'More...' in the dropdown menu.



Step 2:  Go to 'Users' administration
  1. In the newly appeared section, click the 'Users' tab.
  2. In the second section 'Enrollment methods', click the 'Self enrollment (Guest)'.



Step 3:  Copy the enrollment key of the Self-enrollment method
  1. In the 'Enrollment key' setting, click the eye icon to show the key.
  2. Copy and share the key with the student who wants to audit the module.



Step 4:  Change self-enrollment key

If you want to change the key/password of self-enrollment, you can click the pencil icon and change the key there.