Disable the Self-enrollment method




This guide will show you how to disable the Self-enrollment method.


What to know:

Once the Self-enrollment method is disabled, users cannot use the self-enrollment key to join in a module. But the users who already self-enrolled into the module can still access the module.



Step 1:  Click the 'Edit' icon of  the  module page
  1. Click the 'Edit' icon on the top right of the module page.
  2. Click the last option 'More...' in the dropdown menu.


Step 2:  Go to 'Users' administration tab
  1. In the newly appeared section, click the 'Users' tab.
  2. In the second section 'Enrollment methods', click the 'Self enrollment (Guest)'.



Step 3:  Disable 'Allow new enrollment' setting

In the setting of 'Allow new enrollments', choose 'No' in the drop-down menu.