Disable the Self-enrollment method



This guide will show you how to disable the Self-enrollment method.


What to know:

Once the Self-enrollment method is disabled, users cannot use the self-enrollment key to join in a module. But the users who already self-enrolled into the module can still access the module.



Step 1:  Open 'Enrolment methods' page.
  1. Open 'Participants' tab on the course menu.
  2. Choose 'Enrolment methods' in the dropdown list.


Step 2:  Open the Self-enrollment method
  1. In the section 'Enrollment methods', click the 'Edit' icon to edit the 'Self enrollment (Guest)'.


Step 3:  Disable 'Allow new enrollment' setting

In the setting of 'Allow new enrollments', choose 'No' in the drop-down menu.